Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November News

This week the Texas State Reading Association will
meet in Austin, TX. Sylvan Dell has asked me to represent
them in their booth. In fact they have set up a book signing
for me as well.

Last week I finished my first dratft for Natalie Noun and
Parker Pronoun for Gareth Stevens. Hope the editor
enjoys it.

There are so many interesting subjects and genres in
children's writing. I am feeling very fortunate and frantic
at the same time.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween's Almost Here!

Halloween is 3 days away and daylight savings time is tonight!
Fall is finally arriving in Houston and it is wonderful.

As a puzzlemaker I love passing out ziploc bags with candy and
puzzles folded up inside the bag. I often here, "cool" and "great".

That's all it takes - a bit of encouragement to get the creative
juices flowing.

If you want to be a writer, you have to find time to write. Make a
committment and get started. I've often laughed about writer's block.
How do you have time for it? Get busy, write and hurry up before other
chores and duties take you away. Writer's block is a luxury for full time writers.
I know very few who don't juggle other responsiblities and squeeze in writing.

Hug your computer and printer and get started!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, Monday

Another week to plan, make a list and hope to get it all done.
Seems like I have oodles carrying over items from week to week,
but I do get it done if it's on my list.

The list seems to be a focus of sorts for me. I never wonder
what I need to do next if I can consult a list and see what
I have written down.

I've found I can handle writing the same way. With a priority list
I always know what to work on first, what deadlines might be coming
up and how much time I have to squeeze in one more game of GEM DROP.
I've made it to level 24 twice which is extremely hard. Just getting
past level 10 is a thrill.

Write on,


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mid October

Mid October already. Soon the gobins and ghosties will be haunting
our doorsteps and trick or treating. So many book events and
responsiblities. It's wonderful and great fun. Also time consuming,
but enjoyable.

This week I was assigned a work-for-hire project by Gareth Stevens.
Last month I finished a Hi/Lo book on Kelly Clarkson, the first American
Idol winner, for Gareth Stevens. I really hoped to hear from them again with
work in Jan or Feb. What a surprise to be contacted 10 days later.
And wonder of wonders, its a complete series this time on personified parts
of speech. A great challenge for me, much like my writing of The Zee Whiz.

I know where my focus will be for the next 3-4 months. And am so happy I
made this connection last January in San Antonio. Went there to meet
Lee German, the head honcho for Sylvan Dell Publishing. A bonus was
meeting his daughter, Rachel, and working the booth with her.

In November I'll head to Austin to see my son and participate in the Texas
Reading Association trade show. Rachel and I will be in the booth and I'll also
have a book signing there, a new trade show experience for me. YIPPEE!

Happy Mid October,

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1

Tomorrow is a book reading for me at a preschool near
my house. With no grandchildren, I love these opportunities
to see kids, hear them and watch their reactions to the
world around them. There is just so much new for them
to learn and explore.

Sylvan Dell, who published Happy Birthday to Whooo? and
One Odd Day is working on finalizing their list of books
for 2008. I wonder what will be chosen and how it fits
into their marvelous list of books. What a wonderful publisher.

Not only do they publish books. Authors receive postcards with
the book cover on the front, posters to be displayed as promotion,
copies for promotion, and first class treatment of author and book
by the entire Sylvan Dell staff.

Hope your first day of October 2006 was a good one!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Book Launch Day After

Yesterday the book launch for One Odd Day was
so much fun. Dani Sneed and I had about 20 folks
gathered 'round to listen as we read books.

Dani started with One Odd Day and then I read
Happy Birthday to Whooo? We enjoyed the kids,
their questions and enthusiasm.

It was a terrific day and Happy Birthday to Me!
Yesterday was my birthday, the same as the elephants
in Happy Birthday to Whooo?

In fact, many of the birthdays in the book are the
same dates as birthdays of my relatives when the
months and seasons for the animals' births coincided
with a relative.

Hope your weather is cooling down. It is still hot and
humid in Houston, but then, when isn't it hot and humid
in Houston?


Friday, September 15, 2006

Middle of September

Wow- middle of September already.

Dani Sneed and I submitted My Half Day to Sylvan Dell this week.
Donna German, the editor, emailed she loved it. We hope that means
our third math book will be accepted and published by Sylvan Dell.

One week to go until the book launch for One Odd Day and Happy
Birthday to Whooo? will be available. The event is on my birthday.
How much fun! And my son will be coming home and visiting for
my special day.

I seem to be having more positive response about my books and handling
inquires and emails seems to have taken over my writing time. I'll have
to be sure to prioritize since I have more picture books in my head to
write and submit.

Cooler weather came to Houston early this year. Often I'm waitng for
80 degree temps in October after September was in the 90s every day.
So nice for a change. We get to wear dark cool clothes instead of
of light colored cool clothes!

Happy weekend.