Thursday, May 11, 2006

A good way!

Can it possibly be more than a week since
I posted a blog? Yep, I need to BIC and
write more blog fun than in the past!

Wonderful news...Sylvan Dell has asked me
and Dani Sneed to write our third math
book for them. With the working title of
My Half Day, this book will be fractured
fraction fun. We feel so fortunate.

My PINK INK editing service is also going
well. I love helping other writers and especially
beginners for picture books. But anything over
2000 words and I'm outta here! I've had such
fun the past few months reading the creative
writing of others and encouraging rewriting
and learning.

It is a shame the Guideposts for Kids website
closed and is no longer online. Rosanne Tolin was
such a quick and great editor. And best of all,
she loved the creative puzzles I made for her.

What a lovely surprise last week when she asked
me to create 15 puzzles with a food theme. I am
just delighted and love this soooo much.

When a writer first begins freelancing, it is
difficult to know where to begin, what to try,
when and where to submit. Imagine the joy that
comes with assignments.The validation for all
the hard work, learning and time spent networking
is so thrilling.

Although I am a bit overwhelmed with this and
that, it's been a hectic 2006 and in a GOOD WAY!


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