Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2

Wow, it's May already. I can't believe how fast
the months roll by. Soon the kiddies will be home
from school for the summer- - time for swimming,
fun in the sun and vacations.

I'll be busy writing and creating puzzles. I love the
puzzle format for information and fun.

Also, PINK INK, my editing service is finally getting
off the ground. I'm getting clients and have much fun
helping beginners. It's what I do best as far as mentoring
and spreading children's writing information.

If you are uncertain of the summer days ahead and
what you can write, even with the kids around, just grab
a pencil and pad of paper and start a daily diary.

These are so much fun and can any length of writing.
Kids can use writing and language skills if they decide
to write...Dear Diary!

Hot already in Houston!


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