Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday, May 21

The second day of the weekend is here. Always a nice day
to unwind and plan the next work week of 5 days.

I've been very busy working on my assignment of
15 food puzzles.'s more difficult than
one can imagine to find the info and be creative
with it, add humor and a different puzzle format.

But it doesn't matter how many I make or create,
I just LOVE this type of work. Excel is my fav
computer program and I use it everyday for all
kinds of documents.

The LA Conference for children's writers is in
August as always. It has a great agenda, but I'll
miss it this year.

My sorority is having a get-together this afternoon
so I'll be taking information on my future books.
This is a great networking opportunity.

Maybe I'll have Happy Birthday to Whooo? to hold
by this time next month...YIPPEE!

Write on,


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