Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Upside Down Mother's Day

My son came from Austin for a nice weekend visit.

We ate brunch with my mother, his grandmother, on Sunday.

That evening we went out for pizza. We ate yummy breadsticks
while we waited for our pizza order. The restaurant offered other
Italian goodies on the menu as well. But we felt like the great
taste of pepperoni would top off a Mother's Day.

The garlic breadsticks tasted great. He ate a lot of them, I ate
two. They were thick and about 8 inches long.

Then we waited for the pizza...and waited...and waited...and waited.
Finally after being told our pizza was in the oven, it was cooking,
it would be on the table soon, the waiter appeared and told us
he dropped the pizza on the floor. So...that was dinner.
Breadsticks and a gift certificate to come back...yeah, right!

So how was your Mother's Day? Did you get out of the house for
a meal? I hope it was delicious and not upside-down like mine!


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