Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a Week!

A glorious week for me and my writing.

It started with an interview for the local
community paper. Happy Birthday to Whooo? was
extremely well received by the reporter. She and
I connected very well. We talked about my book,
the importance of early reading and sitting on a lap
to hear books, and the publishing world.

Then later in the day I received my first and only
advance copy of One Odd Day. Woohoo...just fabulous.
Karen Lee is the amazing artist.

And after that 4 cases of Happy Birthday to Whooo?
were delivered. I had been expecting them.

Now I have copies for gifts, promotion, selling and
extras for any needs that might arise.

Trotted down to B & N and saw my poster in the window
and being displayed in the store. Later this week, my
book will be put on an aisle diplay shelf for the world
to see.

I have five author events planned so far. Whew! This is
work and fun at the same time.

I hope all children's writers can feel the satisfaction of
holding a book they created. Without the writer the book
would have never existed. From brain to computer to paper
to publisher. Hurray!

I think I need a nap!



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