Monday, July 17, 2006


Okay, I admit it. I play games on the computer
and work three puzzles in the newspaper everyday.
Lucky for me I call it research.

What does it take to be a puzzleholic? Patience,
persistence and a darn good pen. Yep, pen.
I can't imagine using a pencil except for
3-6 star Sudoku puzzles. The light pencil
line disppears and smears. Give me bold pen
strokes crossed out and Xed anyday.

When I need to relax, I puzzle. When I need
to destress I puzzle, when I need to play, I puzzle.
Well, you get the picture.

I even had work-for-hire creating 18 puzzles. Gee, wasn't
that too bad. Although after 6 weeks, I will say writing
a rhyming picture book seemed grand compared
to dreaming up one more new format. And don't forget
I have to make the answer sheets, too. I love it when
my writing friends tell me just the thought of making
a puzzle gives them a headache. Nothing like a novelty niche.

Puzzle on....


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