Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 2

Twelve days until school starts in my area.
Makes me glad to be an empty nester. While school
started almost this early when my kids were students,
it seems the end of August is soon enough. When and
why does school start the middle of August? Some folks
go ahead and wait to enrol their children late, anyway.

Let's hear it for air conditioned schools.The only reason
hot August day classes can survive. One of the reasons
starting after Labor Day was a good idea was cooler temps.
However, in the Houston area, the temps make no difference.
We're lucky for a cool down in early October.

If kids should go in August..then why not all year?
Not such a huge amount of forgotten information over the
summer that way. I'm all for year round school and
three holidays. One month in December, one in springtime,
and one in the summer. And while I'm on my soapbox...
I vote for uniforms too. Equality of clothing would
hopefully help with less peer pressure in attire.
Also, no one has to wonder what to wear the next day.
The outfits are basically decided ahead of time.

Back to my work for hire book...deadline August 18.
Whew...coming up and I'll be glad for the final draft,
the submission and the upcoming moola.

Stay cool,



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