Sunday, August 13, 2006

Big Doings

This week I have two book signings and have just
finished my work for hire nonfiction writing for
Gareth Stevens.

Signings are such fun when you know plenty of folks
will be coming. My first one on Tuesday is where
my mother lives in assisted living. The whole place
seems to be ready to buy a book for grandchildren and
luckily Happy Birthday to Whooo? is a perfect match for
that idea.

Saturday, I have the second signing in a Barnes and Noble
not too close to my house. But I have friends from one of my
critique groups in that neck of the woods and I am reading
to a storytime, so there should be enough sales to keep me busy.

Happy Birthday balloons make a cute addition to a signing for
this book. It seems everyone loves a birthday party theme.

Had an inquiry about my PINK INK editing this past weekend.
I hope that works out. I do love to help beginners with
picture ideas and concepts.



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