Sunday, August 20, 2006

Books to go

Yesterday I had another book signing. This time I also
got to read my book and was introduced to the audience.
Wow...that was pretty neat.

This was at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. The storytime
helper picked up birth announcements and discussed them
before introducing my book with baby animal birth announcements.

The children listening were very involved with Happy Birthday
to Whooo?
They guessed appropriate names and amazed me with
their answers. It was much fun.

I sold enough books to make everyone happy and enjoyed the
crowd of friends and family who were able to come.

My next reading is in my local library. And while I am not
allowed to sell books, I can definitely pass out postcards
with the cover of each on the front.

This upcoming week is website updates and rewriting a few
paragraphs for my editor with Gareth Stevens. Always great to
reach the rewriting stage after finishing a complete book.



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