Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cold Calls

Dani Sneed and I had a hint that a store in our area might
be interested in a book signing for our books. Since we have
one "just out" it only made sense to try for a book launch.

What a great surprise to have an enthusiastic reception
to my visit to the store and proposal packet. The owner thought
the quality of Sylvan Dell books was superb...which of course
I knew! He was impressed by how long Dani and I have lived in
this area and checked his calendar for a date.

We will be mailing postcards to celebrate the book launch of
One Odd Day on September 23. And Happy Birthday to Whooo?
will also be available. The owner didn't even know how many
copies to order. And this becomes Happy Birthday to Me!
since the book launch is on my birthday.

The next day I contacted a Barnes and Noble close to where
my brother lives - which is 50 miles from me, and yet we both
live in the Houston area. Once again the CRM was extremely
interested after I gave her the ISBN number and she looked up
Happy Birthday to Whooo? in the Barnes and Noble network.

She scheduled me for Dec 2 for a book fair at the store. This is a new
idea to me, but makes much sense compared to taking books to school.
Invite the parents and students to the store where the books are!

And now I've met my three deadlines this past summer. Once I get through
submitting and do a bit of organizing, I'll actually be starting a new
picture book again. Imagine that!



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