Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hip Hip Hoorye for SCBWI

My local Houston SCBWI meeting is tomorrow night.

I hope everyone who writes for children is a member of this
marvelous organization. The events, conferences and meetings
are very informative and also great reminders if you have been
writing forever. The chance to connect with other children's
writers and share publishing info is one of the greatest perks.

This week the National Conference is in LA. Held every year,
it attracts 2000 writers and occasionally the celebrity.
I know Henry Winkler spoke one year. The Fonz is truly
on a mission to encourage children with dyslexia.

The year I attended in 2001 I heard Richard Peck. Perhaps
the best speaker and entertainer for such an audience.
His verbs and nouns in his books are always the correct ones,
making the reader laugh, react and enjoy his awesome skill.

Another SCBWI Conference is annually held in NYC in February. This
is also top notch and full of atmosphere to make you want to write
and never stop. If only we could be as prolific at home as we hope
to be after attending SCBWI conferences.

I hope to put the finishing touches on my book with an Aug 18
deadline and then push on to finish the one with a Sept 10 deadline.
Gee, who'd have ever thunk I'd have three deadlines this summer?

Join SCBWI and be surrounded by other writers who know just how HARD
it is to write for children. Those who think otherwise have never tried.



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