Friday, September 15, 2006

Middle of September

Wow- middle of September already.

Dani Sneed and I submitted My Half Day to Sylvan Dell this week.
Donna German, the editor, emailed she loved it. We hope that means
our third math book will be accepted and published by Sylvan Dell.

One week to go until the book launch for One Odd Day and Happy
Birthday to Whooo? will be available. The event is on my birthday.
How much fun! And my son will be coming home and visiting for
my special day.

I seem to be having more positive response about my books and handling
inquires and emails seems to have taken over my writing time. I'll have
to be sure to prioritize since I have more picture books in my head to
write and submit.

Cooler weather came to Houston early this year. Often I'm waitng for
80 degree temps in October after September was in the 90s every day.
So nice for a change. We get to wear dark cool clothes instead of
of light colored cool clothes!

Happy weekend.


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