Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mid October

Mid October already. Soon the gobins and ghosties will be haunting
our doorsteps and trick or treating. So many book events and
responsiblities. It's wonderful and great fun. Also time consuming,
but enjoyable.

This week I was assigned a work-for-hire project by Gareth Stevens.
Last month I finished a Hi/Lo book on Kelly Clarkson, the first American
Idol winner, for Gareth Stevens. I really hoped to hear from them again with
work in Jan or Feb. What a surprise to be contacted 10 days later.
And wonder of wonders, its a complete series this time on personified parts
of speech. A great challenge for me, much like my writing of The Zee Whiz.

I know where my focus will be for the next 3-4 months. And am so happy I
made this connection last January in San Antonio. Went there to meet
Lee German, the head honcho for Sylvan Dell Publishing. A bonus was
meeting his daughter, Rachel, and working the booth with her.

In November I'll head to Austin to see my son and participate in the Texas
Reading Association trade show. Rachel and I will be in the booth and I'll also
have a book signing there, a new trade show experience for me. YIPPEE!

Happy Mid October,


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